Saturday, 12 January 2019


I might give this blog a rest for a while, but since it covers a wide range of subjects, let me help you find what might interest you by presenting an index. Some articles, of course, have multiple tags, but the major ones are: Books, Theology, Sex, Science, History, Islam, Politics, Social Issues, and Odds and Ends.
To read the appropriate article, click on the asterisk in front of it.

* What you don't know about making books  * Wannabe Authors, Beware!
* Kindle Direct Publishing
* Walking through walls and rationing days
* Rider Haggard      * Lionel Fanthorpe       * Robinson Crusoe's anonymous friends
* A forgotten childhood classic                   * Forgotten Australian comics
* Little Red Riding Hood and the werewolf

* Why I am a Christian     * Tradition and Doctrine     * Women's Ordination
* People's Damascus Road Experiences       * Dreams, Visions, and Muslims
* The Christian Explosion in China              * On the battlefield or scaffold
* Your Christmas Crib is Wrong                  * The Problems of Pontius Pilate
* The Hallowe'en that changed the world (1517)  * A Licence to Steal

Sex   I got my degrees in animal and human behaviour. Therefore ...
* The science of sexual morality
* Homosexuality in the lower animals?
* Rates of cures for homosexuality [one of my most popular articles]
* Same sex "marriage"?        * Same sex "marriage" and the Australian Constitution
* Transsexuals [I have personal experiences with them.]
* The National Geographic gender issue 
 * Lies, damned lies, and suicide statistics [Am I the only person to have read the paper?]          * The high cost of preventing AIDS
* Breasts were meant to be sexy.     * Toplessness
* Debt-free Virgins without Tattoos  * Lessons in consent     * Effects of the pill

My M.Sc. was on the Behaviour of the Koala, and since this is an animal dear to the hearts of Australians, I have summarised it in layman's terms in seven parts.
* 1. Background     * 2. Basics        * 3. Bringing up baby     * 4. Communication
* 5. Sex                 * 6.  Fighting    * 7. Comments and references [important]
In addition, I have written:
* Understanding those strange scientific names
* Antechinus or Why it doesn't always pay to be too macho.
* Vegetarianism          * Evolution as a theory    
* Of course, there's such a thing as race.     * Race and IQ

* Wini, the Wild White Man of Badu [one of my most popular articles, possibly because I seem to be the only person to write about this unusual facet of Australian history.]
* Why the Norse didn't settle America     * Why Columbus didn't write in Italian
* When a superpower was written off.     * When history is just a matter of chance
* Ned Kelly     * The Germans did not know about the gas chambers.
* On the scaffold or battlefield.     * The case for colonialism
* The miracles (?) of Apollonius of Tyana     * The riddle of the Amazonian amazons
* Irish famine

Myths About Muhammad *1. Moon god     *2. Demon possessed      *3. Pedophile   
*4. Violence     * Muslims in Australia    * Polygamists in Australia      * The tragedy of an English jihadist     * Geert Wilders     * Dreams, visions, and Muslims

* Why I am not a liberal - or a conservative.    * The case for capitalism
* Flogging the dead horse of the republic
* Why I would have voted for Trump if I had been an American.
* Why I voted for One Nation in the Queensland election.
* Guns in Australia and America     * The Australian voting system   
* Health Insurance in Australia        * An unlosable election? (2019)
* America should run elections like Australia

Social Issues
Life Was Better in the 1950s and '60s. Parts 1, 2, and 3
* Domestic violence (facts)     * The "Respect" campaign     * Women's careers
* Working women and housing     * What we can learn from hobos.

Odds and Ends
* Hinduism and Buddhism      * The crazy ideas children have.     * Shaving
* Murder is not as easy as fiction makes out.  * Getting away with robbery is even harder.     * Do we all have a double somewhere?       * The philosophy of an Aboriginal tribe     * How salt can lose its savour    * Wedding presents     * None of my best friends belongs to a minority.